The 4 TINA-C Presidents
Dr. Aoki`s keynote
Dr. Hendrik Berdnt, TINA-C, Dr. Soley, OMG, Beth Adams, TM Forum.
A packed conference session Paolo Coppo, Cselt at the bar.... Our distinguished keynote speakers
Kitami and Vera relaxing after a long working day... Dr. Claus, Deutsche Telekom Cheers!
Mark Lowestein,OMG and Anne Claushues, LogOn The registration desk .... Dr. Soley, Chairman OMG and Prof. Zicari, OMG representative Europe.
The TINA-C President Sadahiko Kano, at work... Sarma and Klostermann at a panel discussion Beth Adams, CEO TM Forum on the boat...
Tom, Martin, Cesare discussing... Sometimes a break is needed Another packed conference session...