Hendrik Berndt

Dr. Hendrik Berndt is Chief Technology Officer of the Telecommunication Information Networking Architecture Consortium. As CTO, Hendrik Berndt is chairman of the TINA Architecture Board and responsible for guiding TINA technology developments and products.

Previously he was appointed Executive Director of Advanced Technology for Global One in Reston Virginia. During 1996-1998 he served as an invited member of Sprint's Office of Network and Architecture Planning. 

In the early Nineties Dr. Berndt was the Deutsche Telekom AG representative to the TINA-C Core Team, one of the contributing authors and editors of the TINA-C Service Architecture and the liaison for the information and
telecommunications industry. 

Dr. Berndt has been involved for many years in the telecommunications industry in a variety of engineering and managerial roles, including B-ISDN pilot projects on ATM trials, distributed processing environment and multi media service specifications.