Sadaiko Kano

Sadahiko KANO is Professor of the Global Information and Telecommunication Institute (GITI) of Waseda University, Japan. He is also Visiting Professor at the Institute for Japanese-European Technology Studies (JETS), the University of Edinburgh, UK. After serving as Vice President of NTT from 1995 to 1999, he serves also as Executive Adviser to NTT. After graduating from the University of Tokyo, Electrical Engineering, in 1967 with a Bachelor's degree, he joined NTT's Laboratories, where he was engaged in research and development of telecom network related projects. From 1992 to 1997, he was responsible for strategic network planning at NTT's headquarters. He received his Master of Science from the University of Essex, UK, in 1974, and Doctor of Engineering from the University of Tokyo in 1979. He served also as Chairman of ITU-T Study Group 11 from 1993-2000, and as President of the TINA Consortium from 1999-2000.