Ji Zhaojun

Ji Zhaojun is the founder of China'l TINA Development and a well known professor rank senior engineer in China's Telecom circle. 

MPT Science & Technology Committee member (1986 - 1989, afterwards worked abroad).

The "professor rank senior engineer" was confered by Ministry P & T in 1989 (the year, MPT restored to confer such professional title after a long break since "Cultural Revolution").

Manager, Products Development Department, "Shanghai Bell" Ltd. (1987 - 1988).

Chief Resident Representative in Belguim on behalf of MPT and "Shanghai Bell Ltd. (1988 - 1991).

Vice-President, Tianji NEC" Ltd. (1992 - 1994).

Director of CIC, China Institute of Communication (1993 - 2000).
A speech, {Catch time, to building up the Target Network: TIMNA (TINA)},
Was made by Professor Ji in CIC '95 Conference. It was the 1st TINA 
concerned speech in China.

Expert Group member of the State Council "Information Office" (1996 - 1998).

Deputy Chief Engineer of BDI (Beijing Design Institute), MPT/MII (1991 - 2000).

Vice-Chair of Science & Technology Committee, BDI, MII (2000 - ).

Received "The MPT Excellent Professional in Science & Technology" Medal and Certificate
in February 1996.

Patent Right Code: AL 901 02910.6 (An Optical based dynamic multiplexing system with Integration of Switching and Transmission).

6.5 years in total, in which:

- 15 months in Sweden (Ericsson, during 1980 - 1984);
- 51 months in Belgium (BTM, Alcatel Bell Telephone, during 1984 - 1991);
- 3 months inother European Countries (UK, France, Germany, Italy, 
  Swissland, etc.); 
- 6 months in Japan (KDD, NTT, Hitachi, NEC, Fujitsu);
- 3 months in USA (FCC, TINA-C, Bellcore, AT&T, Lucent, Sprint, GTE, baby 
  Bells, SUN, IBM, Motorola, Fujitsu US, etc.);
- Others (1 week in Chile).

Graduated from National "Jiaotong University" in 1954.