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A framework for organizing TINA compliance

The TINA compliance framework is layered from the top down into six layers.  Each of these layers builds upon the layer above. Compliance at each of these levels needs to be defint compliance can be judged. 

The  "TINA Branding Levels Matrix". generically summarizes each compliance level in terms of: 

  • characteristics of implementations that meet each level;
  • the business value provided by becoming or being branded at that level;
  • some issues associated with compliance/conformance at that level. 

It is important that the business benefits associated with each level is made explicit. Business benefit should be the driver for compliance. 

TINA Compliance Levels

TINA Architectural Compliance

  • Concept Compliance

  • Layering/Partitioning Compliance

  • Information Model Compliance

TINA Conformance

  • Technical Conformance

  • Operational Conformance

TINA Conformance Testing Framework RFP Issued

TINA Conformance Testing Framework RFP is a significant step towards creating an effective TINA Brand which assures interworking at the level definedin the TINA Branding Matrix. It was approved 19-July-1999.

Requirements on the definition of "TINA Compliance and Conformance"

  1. To enable TINA branding of products.
  2. To expose the business benefits associated with TINA compliance and conformance.
  3. To make intellectual alignment reflect some named type of compliance
  4. To recognize the value of partial compliance in one area of TINA
  5. To recognize the value of partial compliance to TINA.
  6. Aid in evolution and understanding of the TINA specifications.
  7. To identify where TINA is weak or should be made more flexible.
  8. Adapt as the specifications behind compliance and conformance continue to evolve.

TINA Compliance is defined in the Conformance Testing Framework