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The ACTS VITAL project - (Validation of Integrated Telecommunication Architectures for the Long term), partly funded by the European Commission, was aimed at demonstrating and validating the development, deployment, management, and use of complex heterogeneous service features on an Open Distributed Telecommunication Architecture defined in terms of reusable components and based on TINA.

The service features considered for integration were multi-media, multi-party, mobility (personal, session, and terminal) and IN-like supplementary services.

VITAL major achievements have been in terms of:

  • a specification of an Open Distributed Telecommunications Architecture based on TINA, which contributed to the definition of specifications for the Retailer (Ret), Connectivity Provider (ConS), Terminal Connectivity (Tcon), Layered Network Federation (LNFed), and Client Server Layered Network (CSLN) Reference Points;
  • extensive specifications for Resource Configuration Management and Accounting Management, and new models for defining components specific to one service on top of service common components;
  • the delivery of an integrated teletraining application, deployed on the ODTA, proving the advantages of the architecture for fast service deployment and reuse of commercial applications.

TINA-C Members in Vital have been Alcatel, CSELT, IONA Technologies and Portugal Telecom CET.


Jan Zuidweg
Alcatel Bell, Research Division
Francis Wellesplein 1
B-2018 Antwerp
Tel: +32 3 240 7798
Fax: +32 3 240 9932


The ACTS DOLMEN project (service machine Development for an Open Long-term Mobile and fixed network Environment led to a TINA compliant implementation of a service machine that covers both the service architecture and the network architecture. It includes three confidential layer networks, namely GSM, WLAN and ATM and extended the TINA architecture with techniques that arise from mobile requirements. DOLMEN was partly financed by the European Commission and was carried out by various companies and universities all over Europe, including as TINA-C Members KPN and Lucent Technologies Network Systems Nederland.


Dr Sebastiano Trigila
Telecommunications Network Department
Fondazione Ugo Bordoni
via B. Castiglione, 59
00142 Roma
Tel: +39 06 5480 3340
Fax: +39 06 5480 4404


WebCentricTM is the brand name of a Network Centered Web Call Center, implemented and deployed by CSELT and Telecom Italia, which is presently under commercial trial. The service is implemented over a platform, which effectively supports all the service aspects, from creation to deployment, to efficient execution, to the different areas of management.

This Service Platform is based on a lightweight version of the TINA Service Architecture and Network Resource Architecture, with a number of simplifications and optimizations allowed by the particular field of application (the Internet-Telecom service scenario) and by the chosen engineering environment. For this reason, such an architecture could be described as "TINA light", hence, "Lite".


Roberto Manione
Via Reiss Romoli, 274
10148 Torino Italy
Tel. +39 011 228 8817
Fax +39 011 228 8212


In the MESH project, the TINA architecture was applied to multimedia applications, including audio, video, shared white board applications. Areas of application include tele-consultation in the area of medical treatment (revalidation; i.e., medical advise from distance), tele-learning (courses given at different universities throughout the Netherlands) and meetings at different places throughout the Netherlands by means of the MESH system. TINA-C Members in MESH are Lucent Technologies and KPN Research.


Lucent Technologies
Suan Lie
P.O. Box 18
1270 AA Huizen
Tel: +31 35 687 5279
Fax: +31 35 687 5954



SATIN (Software Architecture using TINA for IN)

In the SATIN laboratory environment, a TINA service platform is connected to DT’s and FT’s IN switches via a TINA-IN Adaptation Unit.

Additional Components:
- web-based access for user profile modification
- phone-based access for user profile modification
- email and fax notification component

For more information, see the proceedings of TINA 99, session VII b on page 21.

Mrs Carla Capellmann,
Deutsche Telekom,
T-Nova Technologiezentrum Darmstadt
Tel: +49 6151 83 3070


Telecom 99 demo

Alcatel Corporate Research Center and KPN Research jointly developed a couple of services on a TINA managed infrastructure to be demonstrated at the KPN booth at Telecom '99.

The development is based on the Alcatel Mu3S platform, which is a pre-product based on the TINA architecture. Mu3S is used to transform an ADSL/ATM and IP broadband infrastructure into an Open Service Marketplace allowing third party service providers to easily offer their services over the infrastructure.


Frank Steegmans

Mike Schenk