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Press Releases

15. September 2000
TINA Consortium To Complete Its Mission By the End of Year 2000

27. March 2000
TINA-C Announces "TINA Specifications and Products for Open Service Architecture" during its Sestriere Meeting

26. October 1999
TINA Announces Communications Market Advances during its Beijing Conference

12-15. April 1999, Turtle Bay Resort, Oahu, Hawaii
Tina steps into the spotlight with products and services based on a common software architecture for telecoms networks of today and the future.

20. Nov. 1998, Heidelberg, Germany,
Telecommunications Information Networking Architecture Consortium (TINA-C) and EURESCOM announce a milestone for the TINA industrial deployment.

18. Nov. 1997, Santiago de Chile,
TINA Consortium continues under a new organization